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Cleaning is something that everyone does but few people enjoy. The long amount of time that is required to keep the house or the office clean and the overall difficulty of the process can put us in a difficult position. We all know that homes and offices need to be cleaned, and cleaned regularly. After all, a clean environment is a healthy one. But how to find the time and the motivation to keep everything clean? Many Dubai residents have already discovered the answer to that question, and that answer involves us! We can help you keep your home and your office spick-and-span as we are a professional service that offers dry cleaning. Dubai is where we are based and where we have earned a great reputation as a company that offers innovative and high quality cleaning services.


The dangers of most household cleaning products

For years, people all over the world have been cleaning the surfaces of their home with common household cleaning chemicals. Although, for the most part, these manage to leave the surfaces gleaming and germ-free, they are gradually loosing popularity. The main reason for this is the general movement towards a healthy lifestyle and ecologically clean products. Unfortunately, most of the traditional chemical cleaners can be considered hazardous to people, animals, and the overall environment. Frequent use of such chemicals can have serious consequences on one’s health and the indoor air pollution. In fact, some household cleaning products are the most hazardous products found in the home. They can be poisonous when inhaled, ingested, and sometimes even touched. Almost 10% of all reported toxic exposures were caused by cleaning products, with half of these cases involving children under six years of age. The effects of such cleaners can be both immediate and long-term. The immediate effects of some cleaning products include chemical burns, skin infections, watery eyes, and respiratory infections. In the long term, these cleaning chemicals may even lead to cancer. Thus, it is not surprising that thousands of engineers and scientists have been concentrating on coming up with a safe and ecological cleaning process. One of the most successful and popular processes that was developed was the steam cleaning method.


So, what is the steam cleaning method?

Steam cleaning is a modern technique that uses a hot steam, a completely natural substance, to clean the surface instead of the traditional aggressive chemicals. This method uses a combination of steam power and temperature to dislodge every piece of dirt, whether big or microscopic. The dirt has adhesive properties that allow it to stick and hang onto all kinds of surfaces. The high temperature and the dampness of the steam are able to melt that adhesive and dilute it, making it extremely simple to wipe away the dirt. To create such steam, water must be poured into the cleaner, which has a heater that boils the water. The steam then leaves the cleaner through the hose and the cleaning tool.  The steam cleaning machine continues to release cleaning steam until all water exits it. Steam cleaners are incredibly versatile and can be used for a wide variety of surfaces. Just a few of these are: carpets, tiles, windows, fabric, etc.



The benefits of steam cleaning

Health and safety. Steam cleaning has millions upon millions of advantages. First and foremost, its lack of hazardous chemicals makes steam cleaning environmentally friendly and safe for all. In comparison to regular detergents, steam cleaners do not leave behind any toxic residues on the surface that was just cleaned. This means that people are no longer in danger of being exposed to the toxins which can cause allergies and severe health problems. Steam cleaners are especially great for allergy sufferers. The technique’s ability to bind the dust keeps all of the potentially harmful allergens from getting dispersed. Another huge benefit of steam cleaning is its ability to kill some bacteria, including salmonella, e-coli, and listeria. Mothers can now rest easy knowing that their children won’t get a bacterial infection even if they suck on every surface of the house. Pet owners can relax as well, knowing that their pets will not consume any chemical residue left on the surface.

Effectiveness. Steam cleaning is also extremely effective. Unlike traditional cleaning methods, which are usually limited to the surface that is being cleaned, steam is able to penetrate every opening, crack, or gap, no matter how small. No more will you have to scrub the substances that got left behind in the microscopic cracks. It is also extremely effective at dislodging even the toughest and most stubborn dirt and can easily deal with any type of dirt and stains. Steam cleaning actually disinfects the surface, leaving it practically sterile. This type of cleaning is also a great way to get rid of the pesky insects, such as dust mites. Not only does steam cleaning not leave any dirt or insects behind, but it also does not stain the surface of the fabric. A steam cleaner is also very versatile and can be used for a hundred various tasks.

Economy. Steam cleaning is extremely economical. All it uses is water and electricity. No expensive cleaning chemicals are necessary. One liter of tap water is enough to produce up to 1700 liters of steam, which is enough to keep cleaning for about 20 minutes. Energy consumption is also low as heating up the water is the only process that requires energy. Thus, steam cleaners save water, electricity, and money.


What is Steam Clean Dubai?

We are a company that offers professional cleaning services. We keep both, the inhabited areas, such as private homes and apartments, and the uninhabited areas, such as offices, clean. Dubai residents know us as leaders in our line of work, and as strong supporters of healthy and safe living. Our organization has earned its good reputation through maintaining a high standard of service and using the safest cleaning methods. In fact, safety is our top priority and we make sure to choose the latest and most ecological cleaning methods to do the job. Our organization has chosen steam cleaning is our main service because that is the safest cleaning method and one free of hazardous chemicals. Even when other cleaning products are used, we make sure that these are eco-friendly and hypo-allergenic. Our company strictly adheres to all of the hygiene and safety standards and strives to offer you a high-quality service that will relieve you of your exhausting housework. No longer will you need to invest in expensive steam cleaners or cleaning products. Our professional team has all the technological devices, as well as the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out the job professionally. All you need to do is give us a call, and we will be on our way to offer you our cleaning services. Our qualified staff and affordable prices make us the number one cleaning choice in the Dubai area. So, instead of wasting hours of your precious time cleaning your home, you can spend them relaxing in the company of your family of friends, and leave that task to us! Steam Clean Dubai will leave your apartment or office sparkling clean!


Our Services

Our company strives to offer you the whole cleaning package. Whatever surface or thing you need to be cleaned, we can manage it and do so in a fast and ecological way.

Solid Surfaces. Our steam cleaners are great at cleaning a variety of hard and solid surfaces, such as walls, ceiling, and floors. We can get to the highest, the lowest and most remote area of the surface, and save you the trouble of scrubbing away the dirt for hours at a time.

Glass surfaces. Glass surfaces such as windows are very difficult to clean with and without chemicals. Anybody who has ever cleaned such a surface knows how difficult it is to leave such a surface streak free. Fortunately, our steam cleaning will leave the windows and the mirrors looking new and shiny.

Toys. We also offer our help in the soft toy-cleaning department. Although that may seem like a small and unimportant task, that is not so. First of all, most toys cannot simply be put in a washing machine as they will soon lose their form. At the same time, they desperately need to be cleaned. After all, toys are the breeding ground for dust and mites. They are also the one thing that children frequently come in contact with. If you don’t want your child to be around all of that filth, get the toys cleaned regularly.

Curtains. Curtains are also breeding grounds for dust particles and mites. Unfortunately, most people forget that the curtains need to be cleaned or they simply don’t bother to do it, knowing that it is not an easy feat to take them down. Even if you do get them down, there’s no guarantee that the fabric will not get ruined in the washing machine. We, on the other hand, guarantee that the steam cleaning will not hurt the fabric, but will leave it absolutely clean and stain free.

Decor Elements. Our steam cleaning service can manage all kinds of surfaces, including plastic, tile, steel, glass, and textile. Many Dubai residents ask for our help in cleaning décor elements. These are usually a real bother to clean. The uneven surfaces that often characterize these décor elements make them the perfect hiding place for dust and dirt. The good news is that steam can get into every tiny crack and gap and leave it nice and clean.

Car Cabins also have many hard-to-get-to areas and that is why we get many calls for car cabin cleaning. Most people don’t feel like getting down on all fours just to wash out every part of their car’s exterior. Steam, however, can easily access and clean it.


So, if you are tired of cleaning every surface of your home or office for hours at a time, call our professional cleaning service and we will transform the place into a healthy and clean environment!